Crafting is good for your health…Official

SEVEN health based reasons to get your craft on.

Not only can crafting be fun, but it is scientifically proven to be good for an array of health problems and illnesses.
To name a few crafting can help with: Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression, and even High Blood Pressure.

Crafting can help reduce your chances of developing mild cognitive impairment by as much as 50%.
While I’m not the biggest fan of working out I think I can get down with the brain craft work out. Yes, that’s right, in the process of crafting you’re not only building beautiful heirloom pieces or gorgeous hand-made gifts, you’re also exercising your brain. This constant concentration, coordination and skill is the perfect all round work out for your brain and can help stave off cognitive impairment by as much as 50%

Crafting can help towards decreasing anxiety
If you are a regular crafter, then you will not be surprised to learn that crafting can help decrease anxiety. The level of concentration required to complete a project demands complete mindfulness and it is in those moments where you are fully focused on the feel of the fabric or purr of the sewing machine where your best work is completed

Crafting has shown promising results in helping treat depression
Again, similar to anxiety, it is in those moments of complete concentration where your brain switches off from the background noise and you are fully immersed in a project. Now, not only can that keep your brain calm, but crafting has been show to stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain

Crafting can help enhance the memory function in adults
Who are the smartest people in the world? Easy answer – crafters.

Not only are we just super awesome, but crafting over a long period of time has been shown to increase the mental capacity, generally improve memory and add to cognitive reserves

Crafting has shown promising results in improving your spatial senses and helping make you mentally sharp
What are you spatial senses? Well, simply, it’s the awareness of your surroundings in co-ordination to yourself. Improving your spatial senses basically means you will be less clumsy but in a more in depth sense your brain will be sharper and clearer. This is again because of the level of coordination required in crafting and also because of the constant use of your hand to eye coordination skills

Crafting can help prevent arthritis and tendinitis
What does the stereotypical crafter look like to the general public? If you asked a thousand people, I’m betting they’d say a homely old lady in a rocking chair. Why is that image so ingrained in the public’s mind? Simply because activities like knitting and crochet have been recommended to people with arthritis or tendinitis for over 50 years. Why do they recommend it? Well, the movement of the hands keeps the fluids moving up and through the cartilage.

Crafting can help to lower your heart rate and decrease blood pressure
Think about the one thing you need after a stressful day at work? Ok (put the wine down!), what about the second thing you crave? Yes, crafting. Once you knuckle down to the task in hand you automatically feel calmer and more relaxed. What is de-stressing good for? Yes, the heart!

Now what will you make?