How to: Appliqué -beach hut style

In preparation for the beach hut cushion project it is important that you understand the basics of appliqué. It is a technique in which pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs, patterns or pictures. Start off with a paper template and use it as a guide to cut out shapes in the fabric that you will apply. For our simple beach hut design, the templates should measure 7cm x 7cm for the square and 9cm x 7cm for the triangular roof. Ok now for the bondaweb-this is a double-sided, heat-activated adhesive ‘web’ with a film on one side. Bondaweb allows you to position and apply fabric shapes onto a base fabric and halts the fraying process long enough to sew around the applied shapes-no pins or tacking required. Beach Hut Applique How much Bondaweb you require will be dependant on your pattern size & shape. We would advise getting the same amount as your fabric measurement. Please do remember Bondaweb is usually around 50cms wide and your fabric will probably be at least be double that. Always keep Bondweb gently rolled as it will start to separate if folded. Also remember that bondweb has no grain so you can cut it out very economically. Using the paper pattern, draw onto the shiny grainy, glue-side of the Bondaweb to produce a replica of the applied fabric shape. Beach Hut AppliqueNow place the Bondaweb shiny grainy, glue side to the wrong side fabric shape. With the smooth paper or film side facing you, press firmly with an iron so the bondaweb is adhered to the wrong side of the fabric shape. Do not use steam. Trim any excess edges of bondaweb from the fabric beach hut shapes. (These will stick to your iron in the next process if you don’t!) Beach Hut AppliqueNow carefully peel off the paper film from the back of the Bondaweb. Arrange the beach hut fabric shapes onto the base fabric – right side facing upwards – as you wish to finally see them. and press (rather than iron), using the hottest heat that the fabric can stand, no steam. (use craft paper for protection if required) The good news is that these instructions are also available with each purchase of Bondaweb-just ask! The beach hut shapes should now be fused into position ready to sew. To neaten up the edges (and decorate), you are going to use a tight zigzag (or satin stitch) to secure the beach huts in place. Beach Hut AppliqueSet your sewing machine to a tight zig-zag (satin) stitch. Use a small to medium stitch length combined with a very close to zero stitch width. We advise testing this first-if the zigzag is too open-it looks a bit messy and if it’s too tight, the feed dog on you machine won’t push the base fabric forward and it will just zig zag on the spot! oops!   Beach Hut AppliqueSew around the edge of the applied fabic pieces. Give everything one final press and it’s complete! If you come upstairs to the-stitchery, our shop name on the grey bunting strung over the balcony and the denim bunting inside the shop has been made using this technique (nb don’t forget to reverse lettering before you cut out!!!!)      ]]>