How To Knit a Flower Brooch or Corsage in Wendy Air Mohair

We show you how to knit a Wendy Air mohair flower corsage in easy-to-follow steps.

How absolutely fabulous is this? we are loving this flower as a wedding corsage or an everyday piece of gorgeousness…

Knitted Corsage

To accompany our gorgeous new delivery of Wendy Air yarn, we thought we would give you a preview of the flower brooch pattern found in the Wendy Air pattern book.

Now, last time we tried to give a mohair tutorial, we found it very tricky as the yarn kept snapping and it was impossible to unpick but the great thing about Wendy Air is the fact that the core is nylon – so it’s so much stronger than other similar mohair yarns.

Learn to Knit a Corsage

To make this mohair flower brooch you will need;

  • 1 x 25g ball of Wendy ‘Air’
  • 1 x Button (we used one from our Italian range)
  • 1 x Brooch back
  • 1 x Knitters needle
  • 1 pair of 4mm knitting needles
  • Wendy ‘Air’ pattern book

Learn to Knit a Corsage

Be pre-warned – don’t expect this to be a quick job. It will definitely require a long rainy Sunday afternoon and a sprinkle of patience to go with it. To start off, you will need to knit a 1.5 cm rectangle – this will be the smallest of your flower’s petals.


Learn to Knit a Corsage

Once you have knitted the required length, instead of casting off, break off around 30cms of yarn and thread the end with a knitters needle.

Learn to Knit a Corsage


Learn to Knit a CorsageTake the last stitch you knitted and slip it on to the knitters needle pulling the yarn through, continue until all the stitches are on the piece of yarn. Pull tightly so the rectangle gathers up in the form of a flower shape. Stitch up the ends and make sure the sides are secure before snipping off the last length of yarn.

Learn to Knit a Corsage
Repeat for these steps for the next two rectangles and once complete place all three pieces on top of one another in size order.

Learn to Knit a Corsage
With a button of your choice – we selected one of our gorgeous new buttons from the recent delivery of Italian buttons- stitch through the middle of all the flower’s layers.

Learn to Knit a Corsage

Before cutting off the yarn, use the remainder to sew on the brooch back; sew through a couple of times and secure it with a knot and then cut off any remaining yarn. It is now ready to wear and show off to the world!

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