How To : Make a Pom Pom

Believe it or not…we had a staff member who wasn’t quite sure about making pom poms!!!

and whilst we do have a 4 piece kit in store

(which was included in(the now sold out) the-s box March 2017 or available separately in store )


…we thought that we would treat you to a tutorial to make pom poms the traditional way

Make Your Own Pom PomFirst of all using a bit of cardboard (an old cereal box will do) draw around the bottom of a glass twice and draw a smaller circle inside both circles. You will need to cut both circles out and the inner circle too. You should now have two rings or doughnuts.

Make Your Own Pom PomMake Your Own Pom Pom

Place the circles ‘doughnuts’ together and using some yarn … (we reckon ours took about 6m but then these were quite small so make sure you have plenty)… start winding the yarn around both doughnuts. Continue this until you can no longer see any more of the cardboard and even better continue until the hole is completely closed up

Make Your Own Pom Pom
Cut a strand of the yarn off as you will need this to secure the pom pom.

Make Your Own Pom Pom
Very carefully separate the doughnuts and with one hand hold together the two doughnuts firmly and with the other hand begin cutting through the middle of the yarn.

Make Your Own Pom PomMake Your Own Pom Pom
Before pulling away the doughnuts you will need to tie the spare piece of yarn around the middle of the two doughnuts and tie very securely. Pull away the doughnuts.

Make Your Own Pom Pom
Ruffle up the pom pom and cut the two ends of yarn so they mix in with the other strands of pom pom yarn and there you have it, you have made your very own pom pom!

Now if that all seems like a big lot of bother, why not pop into the-stitchery and invest in our 4 piece pom pom kit and some Robin DK yarn and pom pom pom quickly, easily and efficiently to your heart’s content…

now what can we make or decorate with pom poms….

(if you’re looking for pompom inspiration don’t forget that we also stock a perfect little book book from the 20-to-Make range Fabulous Pompoms by Alistair MacDonald)

time to pop into the-stitchery…