How to : Pinked seams using pinking shears

new stock of pinking shears here’s a guide on how to use them. pinked seam Pinking shears are a form of scissors but instead of a straight cutting blade they are saw toothed leaving a zig zag pattern. The reason behind this is to stop fabric edges from fraying so easily, this is particularly useful with loose weave fabrics. They are such a useful tool for any sewing room.   using pinking shearshow to use pinking shears to create a beautiful inside seam; With right sides together, stitch a plain, open 1.5cm seam and press the seam allowances open. With the pinking shears, trim back the seam allowance. It is up to you to decide how much fabric you trim off it should be sufficient to simply run along the edges.   pinked seam allowance You should press again with an iron or just re-work the seam with your fingers to ensure that the seam allowances face away from one another. If the fabric is of a particular loose weave you could take the extra step of straight stitching running parallel with the pinked edge. This should prevent further unraveling. Although pinked seams will fray slightly they are a quick, easy and attractive way of finishing your seams. Pinking shears available from the-stitchery online and instore