the-S bunting kit

In the shop, we are often asked by customers for bias binding to make bunting but we always advise that seam binding is usually better.

Seam binding has sealed edges so there are no folded raw edges to spring out. Seam binding is NOT cut on the bias so is unlikely to twist, stretch and ‘rope’ like bias can. Seam binding is stronger across rooms or walls.

For tiny, mini bunting, bias binding might be a better choice as it will make cleaner, smoother curves on such a small scale.


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the-S bunting kit : you asked for a bunting kit so here it is…

So bunting! whose life cannot fail to be enhanced by a string of fun, bright colourful bunting flags? or indeed several strings of bunting! It’s absolutely no secret how much we love bunting here at the-stitchery.

This is a kit to make your own beautiful bunting. Perfect for beginners. This simple kit can be made with or without a sewing machine.

the-S bunting kit contents include…co-ordinating poly-cotton fabrics for durability and launder-ability. We’ve supplied enough fabric to make up approx 24 standard size bunting flags and there’s enough bunting tape to make up 5m

To make up this brilliant kit you will need…thread, pins, scissors, tape-measure and a sewing machine. But even if you don’t have a machine, the great thing is you could make this bunting without a machine by simple hand-sewing with a small back stitch.

Instructions for making up the-S bunting are printed inside the kit wrapper but over the years, we’ve written several blogs about how quick, simple and easy it is to make: double-sided mini bunting, Christmas buntingeasy bunting and even a bunting apron

At £5.50, this inexpensive kit will get you creating super-cute unique indoor and outdoor decorations without spending a fortune

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