Corduroy Mending Patches

Manufacturers instructions : Make sure the area to be patched is clean and dry. Heat up iron to medium heat setting. Place patch to area required and cover with a damp cloth. The damp cloth will protect the patch and surrounding fabric. Press hard for 15-20 seconds (no steam) with a hot iron. Leave to cool for 10mins. Check to see whether the patch is securely fixed. If it lifts a little, then replace damp cloth and press with the iron for a further 10 seconds. Add a few simple stitches in the pre-punched holes for extra durability. Try to avoid washing the item more than necessary. These patches are designed to be permanent, but over time they may loosen. Hand wash is suggested with these patches.





These corduroy mending patches are perfect for mending trousers, jackets or sweaters or indeed any clothing that requires a practical patch.

Hardwearing and attractive, these patches come usefully packed in pairs and measure 14cm by 10cm

Please check that the type of fabric to be repaired can withstand the heat setting required for correct application. The patches are quick and very easy to iron on, but if you want to guarantee their staying power, then they can also be sewn on.

These corduroy mending patches aren’t suitable for nylon, rayon or plastic.

price per pack of 2

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Beige, Grey


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