Cotton Seersucker

100% Cotton

width 145cms




This Seersucker is a light weight fabric that features a puckered surface created by weaving groups of threads together to create a crinkle effect.

We have 3 traditional summer pastel checked designs

Seersucker is thin fabric, puckered, usually cotton commonly but not necessarily striped or checked, used to make clothing for hot weather. The word originates from the Persian words شیر shîr and شکر shakar, literally meaning “milk and sugar”, from the gritty texture (“sugar”) on the otherwise smooth (“milk”) cloth. is made by slack-tension weave.

Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled or puckered appearance. This effect is often achieved during weaving by warp threads for the puckered bands being fed at a greater rate than the warp threads of the smooth stripes. (These are often of different colours but do not need to be.)

The threads are wound onto the two warp beams in groups of 10 to 16 for a narrow stripe. The stripes are always in the warp direction and on grain. Today, seersucker is produced by a limited number of manufacturers, so it is often difficult to source. It is a high-cost item because of its slow weaving speeds !

The unevenness causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin rather than being plastered on it when wet with sweat, facilitating heat dissipation and air circulation, making the fabric breathable and comfortable to wear. It also means that ironing is not necessary.

This wonderful fabric is suitable for a variety of dressmaking projects! including shorts, shirts, dresses, and robes. In the United States, it is often made in white and blue stripes; ( a design sometimes known as railroad stripe)

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Pink, Blue, Green


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