Curtain Tape – Eyelets

Care : Wash by hand or dry clean. Before cleaning, gently remove the eyelets from the curtains. Do not force the eyelets out by hand as this may cause the tape to come away from the metal rings. Carefully ease the eyelets away with a flat screwdriver or similar implement that will give gentle leverage .


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This tape is suitable for light to medium weight curtains

The diameter if the eyelet is 4cm and there is approx 8cms between eyelets

This tape has plastic spacers fixed to the back of it that gives two pleating position options;

The outer clip produces a wider fold with 2.25 times fabric fullness required whilst the inner clip offers a slightly narrower pleat requiring fabric fullness of 2.

When buying this tape, please allow one extra eyelet’s worth to ensure the correct stating position of the tape. The first eyelet for the leading edge of the curtain is cut between the two plastic spacing clips. The outer edge should match the leading edge. There should be an even number of rings across each curtain.

The eyelet curtain tape is sewn onto the back of  the curtain, ensuring that the plastic clips are visible. If lining the curtain, only take the lining up to the bottom row of stitching on the tape. Carefully cut away the fabric from inside the eyelet.

Clip on the chosen Eyelet Rings.

Hook the plastic spacers together to achieve the desired fullness

Price per metre


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