Frog Fasteners

White and Red options measure approx 6cms ( unit fastened) by 3cms at the widest point.

Gold option is slightly bigger and measures 8cms (unit fastened) by 3.5cms at the widest point.

Geeky fact too that collective nouns for frogs include an army of frogs or a knot of frogs…




Frog fasteners : elaborate braid fastenings often found on 18th and 19th century military costumes, not the amphibian!

Frogs and frogging became an important decorative feature on military uniforms from the 17th–19th centuries. This was particularly evident for prestigious regiments, especially cavalry or hussars, and gave rise to the German term for frogging in general, ‘Husarentressen’. These dolman jackets were tight-fitting and dominated by extensive frogging, often in luxurious materials such as metallic cording or brocades.

It’s thought that the term ‘frog’ comes from frock which originally meant a man’s overcoat and a type of smock for both men and women, and is a loanword derived from Old French ‘froc’ and Middle French ‘frocq.’ Hmm sounds like Frog?

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