Iron On Pocket Repair

Manufacturers Instructions :

Slip new pocket over the old one, smooth out any wrinkles.

Cover with a damp cloth. Press hard with a hot dry iron.

Hold the pressure till the cloth is dry.

Move along the iron-on section and repeat until all the glue is adhering.

Leave for 10 minutes to cool until checking.

Turn pocket bag inside out. Trim away the old pocket as close to the iron on tape as possible.


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Replacement Trouser Pockets -Iron On- One Pair

These are iron on pocket repair bags in 100% Cotton to repair trouser pockets They are quick and easy to iron on over a picket that has started to wear or developed a hole near it’s base.

Each pack contains 2 pockets. They can be dry cleaned or machine washed to 40 degrees

Make do and mend!


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