Open Ended Zips (standard weight)

Tape cotton/polyester

Teeth nylon

Slider self coloured

Length = teeth section. Tape extends approx 1.5cms above slider at top, open-ended section has no tape extension




Open-ended zippers use a box mechanism at their base to allow the zip to open all the way through and to re-lock the two sides of the zipper into place, usually in jackets or sportswear.

We sell nylon teethed open-ended zips in two weights; standard weight open-ended zips are available in most lengths up to 30 inches and the longer lengths are also available in the chunky weight.

Please email us for other colours that might be available and we’ll see if we can help or if you want other open-ended zip weight/length combinations than listed here or here(link)

Additional information


Black, White, Cream, Navy, Red


25cms, 10ins, 30.5cms, 12ins, 35.5cms, 14ins, 41cms, 16ins, 46cms, 18ins, 51cms, 20ins, 56cms, 22ins, 61cms, 24ins, 66cms, 26ins, 71cms, 28ins, 76cms, 30ins, 81cms, 32ins


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