Plain Cotton Poplin

Approx width 112cms.

Care : can be washed and dried at most temperatures. Hot steam iron before fully bone dry.

May shrink with first laundering so consider pre-shrinking.

Always test first




100% Cotton Poplin.  You’ve probably, most definitely, worn some variation of poplin, whether it’s 100% cotton poplin or a cotton-poly blend.  Cotton poplin was traditionally used for everyday wear. It’s popularity is hardly surprising; favoured for its strong, durable nature but soft, lustrous surface. It’s basically a solid, all-rounder fabric with tons of different uses.

Poplin fabric is characterised by it’s tightly closed, plain weave. It  is lightweight but still retains it’s strength.

Since it was first made, poplin has been a staple fabric for a wide range of uses. Due to the perfect harmony of durability and elegance, it was a popular choice for women’s dresses. However, the 19th century also found it a lovely fabric to use for upholstery! In World War II, both British and US military personnel took a shine to poplin and used it as the main material for their uniforms. It kept soldiers cool when necessary but it was strong enough to endure rough elements.   

These unique properties have helped make poplin a comfortable but stylish fabric for all manner of clothing, from shirts and skirts to trousers and jackets. It’s so versatile.

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White, Black, Ivory, Emerald, Red, Light Green, Mid Blue, Pale Pink, Turq, Navy, Royal, Lotus


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