Prym Plastic Cover buttons

11mm card = 6 buttons

15mm card = 5 buttons

19mm card = 4 buttons

22mm card = 3 buttons

29mm card = 2 buttons




These useful cover button create a tailored, bespoke look for any garment.

Available in 5 different diameters.

11mm = 6 pieces

15mm = 5 pieces

19mm = 4 pieces

22mm = 3 pieces

29mm = 2 pieces

Each shank button comes in two parts and clear instructions (including a sized cutting guide) for covering are given on the back of each card.

Cut a circle of fabric using the template, (interface very fine or loosely woven fabrics if necessary). Work a fine running stitch around the edge of the fabric and draw up the thread ends to gather the fabric around the shank. Knot off the thread. and tuck in ends. Clip the back section in place to secure fabric and hide raw edges and stitching. Ta dah!

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Time consuming? Yes! Fiddly? A bit! Patience required? Yes! Result? FANTASTIC, very smart and unique!

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11mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 29mm


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