Stitchscape Bluebell Garden Embroidery Kit

Finished size is approx 15cm x 15cm (6″)

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Walk through Bluebell woodlands all year round with your very own embroidered Bluebell Garden!

This kit is a sunshine-filled hoop that is the next level up from some of Beth’s previous kits. It adds in a couple of new stitches and challenges you with lots of embroidered knots.

There are 2 options of Bluebell Garden to choose from; either select ‘lace’ which has a navy guipure lace. This contrasts brilliantly with the zingy greens and really makes the light and dark areas pop. Or select ‘tape’ which has a turquoise jute tape. This version gives a gentler transition from the garden to the woodland beyond which helps to show off more of the darker coloured Bluebells.

This Bluebell Garden embroidery kit includes all of the fabrics (including backing calico), the lace or tape trimming, two colours of tube bead, embroidery threads and tapestry yarns. It also includes a two page template pull out and aninstruction guide with lots of helpful hints, tips and diagrams.

You will need a 15cm/6 inch embroidery hoop sewing cotton for tacking, different sized needles including beading needle and scissors.

This in-the-hoop embroidery is created using layers of printed cotton fabrics. These are then embellished with a variety of hand stitches to create a beautifully textured piece. With the inclusion of several fabulous batik fabrics, each kit will have slightly different colours in the layers which not be exactly the same as the photos here. Similarly, diagrams for the placement of the Bluebells and the branches on the trees are not included -they are up to you.

Within the instruction leaflet, there are diagrams for how to make each stitch. There are also separate insert pages with template pieces to cut out and draw around.

Beth Power, the designer of these fantastic stitchcsape kits has also included her contact details in case you get stuck, need any advice or have any kind of problem

Once the embroidery is completed, you can either frame it in the hoop or mount it in a beautiful frame

An original pattern by Beth Power @ Dotty Textiles

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Tape Version, Lace Version