Stitchscape Christmas Mini Hoop II

Finished size is approx 10cm x 10cm (4″)

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This is the second Christmas hoop decoration in the Stitchscape range.

Christmas Mini Hoop II goes even further than before with a lovely pearl bead trim and lots of sparkles! This sweet and simple little embroidery kit is great for a last minute, handmade Christmas gift. Give either the kit or the finished product. Or perhaps treat yourself to a Christmas Eve project to hang on your own tree.

The kit comes complete with everything you will need to make the hoop on the front of the booklet. All you need to have to hand are your favourite needles and your regular sewing tools. You may also wish to add a length of lace or ribbon (not included) which can be threaded through the hoop screw to enable you to hang your decoration. (This kit does include the hoop).

The embroidery is created using layers of printed cotton fabrics which are then embellished with a variety of hand stitches to create a beautifully textured piece. Metallic threads are sure to sparkle and add to the festive spirit Each hoop is completely unique as the placement of your templates is up to you.

Within the instruction leaflet are diagrams for how to make each stitch. There is a separate insert page with template pieces to cut out and draw around. Beth Power, the designer, has included her contact details if you get stuck, need advice or have any kind of problem.

Keeping the embroidery framed in it’s own hoop, the back is finished with a circle of white felt, hand sewn on to hide any rough edges.

An original pattern by Beth Power @ Dotty Textiles

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