Stitchscape Emerald Isle Embroidery Kit


Finished size approx 15cm x 15cm (6″)

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Land ahoy! Imagine you have been floating aimlessly in the sea for several days, when suddenly, rising up before you, is a beautiful Emerald Isle. The rocks glitter with gems and strange white flowers stand out against the bright turquoise foliage and green/blue mountains behind. What a wonderful place to explore and make your own.

This kit is a fun, three-dimensional and textured landscape with felt rocks bringing the hoop to life by sitting proudly on the surface of the fabric. Craft stamens are an unusual mixed media item and complement the shine of the beads and matte of the deconstructed tapestry yarns.
The kit includes all of the fabrics you will need (including backing calico and felt), beads, craft stamens, polyester toy stuffing, stranded embroidery threads, tapestry threads, a two page template pull out and the instruction guide with lots of helpful hints, tips and diagrams.
You will need to have to hand a 15cm (6″) embroidery hoop, sewing cotton (for tacking), differed eye sized needles (including beading needle) and scissors.

The embroidery is created using layers of pre-printed cotton fabrics which are then embellished with a variety of hand stitches to create a beautifully textured piece. With the inclusion of several fabulous batik fabrics, each kit will have slightly different colours in the layers which may not be exactly as pictured above. Similarly, although diagrams for the placement of the rocks are included, the actual placement is up to you.

Within the instruction leaflet are diagrams for how to make each stitch, and separate insert pages with template pieces to cut out and draw around. Full contact details have been included if you get stuck, need advice or have any kind of problem.

Beth Power, the designer has also included full contact details if you get stuck, need advice or have any kind of problem.

Once the embroidery is completed, you can either frame it in the hoop or mount it in a beautiful frame to finish the piece off.

An original pattern by Beth Power @ Dotty Textiles

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