Velcro: Sew On

Cut tape to desired length.

Machine or hand-sew around edges and backstitch to secure.

Note: For best results, use hook fastener on side of garment that faces away from the skin. Fastener can be washed or dry cleaned. If possible, close fastener when laundering to minimise lint and thread build-up on fastener.




Forget faffing around with buttons, buckles and broken zips.

VELCRO® Sew Tape is the quick and easy way to create a fastening on your fabrics, whether you’re making a coat, cushion case or clothing for your dog.

If you’re strapped for time or just a bit hopeless with a needle, we’ve also got a No-Sew version to make life even easier- but unfortunately its not for use on fabrics!

This product is sold here as a length of both hook AND loop sides

(Please click here if you are just looking for a single side of Sew on Velcro)

price is per metre for BOTH hook AND loop sides

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Black sew on, White sew on


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